Keairra, founder and owner of KSR Natural

Keairra has always had a curiosity for the natural healing elements of the earth. She wholeheartedly believes the earth is beautiful and it gives you everything you need that will help you become its mirror.

The flowers, sun, clouds, rain, trees, moon, and stars are all very eye catching. Keairra feels that we as human beings are just the same and should be a treated as such while acting the part.

One reason she founded Keeping Skin Real Natural is because she wanted the natures of life to be a part of our bodies, give light and love in ways beyond what's understood. That is why we carefully formulate each product with love and compassion from "Whipped Body Butter" to "Hair Elixir", we go skin deep... in a gentle and natural way.

Now, her whole inspiration for this natural health journey is due to her 3 year old son Kyson S.Roberts (The real KSR). “ found out that he had eczema at the tender age of 3 months & she practically tried every appropriate over the counter cream/ointment his infant body could handle but nothing worked EXCEPT when she tried the herbal approach.

So after that, the natural journey progressed into what we have today!

KSR Natural Keeping. Skin. Real.

Young Boy posing for photo. He is the son of KSR Natural's CEO


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