How long does your product last? From the time it is opened, products are safe for 6months to 1year. BUT if not stored properly results may vary.

 Can sensitive skin types use these products? Yes, our products are natural and organic. All skin types welcome but consider doing small patch tests when introducing new products to skin.

What if my results are not shown? YET! When trying new systems for skin results may vary. Consider how long you have been using it. Some people can see results the next day & some may receive results in 3 week; everyone's skin is different. But be sure to use as directed "use day and night for best results". Another thought of consideration is to heal from within as well (take care of the inner you) Your insides have the same importance as out. DIET IS KEY.

Can children use these products? Yes, but if child is under 1yr contact us via message or email in regards to concern. Certain products can be altered for particular reasons. AND if child has allergies to nuts or certain ingredients then that should be considered. 

Are these products scented? Yes, most are naturally scented. Some have little to no smell. Ingredients will specify if fragrance are added for assurance.

Are these products on hand? Yes and no! Some products are already made and ready, while some are made to order. Ingredients that we use are natural and organic so the shelf life varies as opposed to typical brands. We like to be as fresh as possible.

May I inquire about a product that is not listed? Yes! That is one reason we make to order, if you have something you want specifically made just for you then we can do that too! We make custom orders. But be mindful of prep time and your que position. We value every customer and they're needs.

What is your typical response time? We are a busy business so depending on your que position or how busy we are, replies may take up to 7 days or less. We try our hardest to reply in a reasonable time frame. Again, we value you and your needs. Thank you!




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