Pile of Raw Green Aventurine
Pile of Raw Green Aventurine

Raw Green Aventurine


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We love crystals here at KSR! Crystals have unique characteristics & we figure we could share our favorite type with you. Green Aventurine is an "oppurtunity stone"  that has many powerful and compelling benefits such as:
  • increases prosperity and wealth.
  • attracts abundance
  • reinforces leadership qualities & decisiveness. 
  • encourages perseverance.
  • improves mental clarity. 
  • Stimulates perception. 
  • Enhances confidence.
  • Calms anger & irritable mood.
  • Comforter & heart healer. 
  • Dissolves negative feelings & thoughts

How to use

Cleanse/charge in sunlight, moonlight, dirt, or selenite for a few hours. Program your crystal with intentions meaning mentally or verbally speak what you want for yourself while holding it. Place in your pocket or inside your bra be sure to keep it on your left side since that is where the heart is.  Meditate with it to create a bond. Do this continuously and watch yourself shift. Amethyst can be combined with several other stones to strengthen your experience. Lastly, stay positive, have fun, believe, and receive. 


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